The Sunshine People Stories started in 1995
with ‘Timmy and the Primrose‘.

Since then it seems that every year has been like running a marathon a day (a bit like in ‘The Doctor of the little forest‘!). The thunderstorms of life have been challenging to say the least but they have also made us stronger and wiser like ‘The little Tree‘.
Strong winds have also proved to be bringers of light and friendship to our lives,
just like in ‘The Dark, Dark Castle‘.

We are forever inspired by our ancestors who bring wisdom, compassion and courage to our stories ‘The Old Mill‘, ‘The Kings boots‘, ‘The little house in the middle of the woods‘… not forgetting their infinite kindness.
One story, ‘Two Kings‘, was actually written when I was still a little girl…
The Magic Light‘ is what keeps us going…forever!
We were wondering how we could mix music with colours and emotions and ‘The Black Bird‘ showed us exactly how to do it…
Some journeys have taken us to a beautiful tropical island where ‘The Pirate’s Treasure‘ can be found,
for those who follow their heart!

And of course, ‘The Magic Light‘ is a bit like a never ending story where ‘Rattle-Dazzle and the Pink Mouse‘ take us all on a journey of fun to attend ‘The Dolphin Sea Party‘ on planet Sirius!
The very first Sunshine People story is of course ‘The Love Star‘,
which was not the first to be written but which is the start of everything!

Have fun with us!