Meet the Sunshine People and discover in which story you will find them!



“I don’t just come from an other planet… I come from the Universe! That’s why, when I watch the night sky, the stars remind me of home, and I love it!”

Our story teller Zen, comes from outer space! We are not sure exactly where though…
We hope to find out soon in one of the new Sunshine People stories. It will be his own “Zen story” as told by himself.
Well worth waiting for! In the meantime check him out in all the Sunshine People Stories!


“Life isn’t always easy but it can be good. Please make it good. Then look at the stars and see them smile…”

Do you know where the Sun comes from? Well, read The Love Star and the Sunshine People stories to find out how Sunny came into our world. See how he keeps shining on our lives, our stories and every page of our books!

the Moon

“I am a hopeful romantic!”

Our happy Moon shines gently on the pages of our stories, sharing her wisdom and humour with all of us.
Find her in The Love Star.


King Raoul

“I am the Master of the Universe!… am I really?”

King Raoul ruled over a very large and thriving Kingdom but his thirst for more power made him send all the men to war, destroying the whole country. He will learn a huge lesson in wisdom and kindness from his own people. Read the story in Two Kings.


“When we find in our hearts the wisdom to listen to our souls, we fly…”

Following a massive storm, a dark castle comes back to life and Simon is free at last to play with his friends in the most beautiful garden where sunshine, love and fun fill their days. Find out who Simon really is in The Dark Dark Castle

the Kids

“Sometimes things are not quite as they seem to be and an open mind is the way to a happy heart.”

Adventurous and fun loving friends discover how a mysterious castle will transform their lives forever…
Find them in The Dark Dark Castle.



“The trick is to look funny, act like a clown but follow your heart and stand by your friends!”

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Our monkey has great wisdom, infinite kindness and a great sense of humour! Read the story in The Black Bird.